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Animated Feature Film 

Target: 5-9 years old
Director: Endre Skandfer 
A coproduction between Maipo Films (Norway), Atmosphere Media (Germany), and NeXtFrames Media (Belgium). With the participation of Gallop Tax Shelter and the Tax Shelter regime of the Belgian Federal Authority. 

International Sales: Solamedia.
Full delivery: November 2024

On a secret island, somewhere in the middle of the ocean, lives Rufus together with the other sea monsters. He keeps to himself because he is different than the other sea monsters – he can’t swim. The sea monsters enjoy happy and carefree life, but they have one big fear: to be discovered by humans. Luckily, they have Uncle Ludvik to protect them. He has Chinese dragon blood in his veins, and can blow smoke out of his nostrils and hide the island in smoke whenever a ship comes nearby. One day, when Uncle Ludvik becomes sick, and the sea monster’s destiny depends on someone going to Aunt Nessie in Lock Ness in Scotland on a very important quest, Rufus is challenges to prove what he is made of. Encountering new friends and enemies, Rufus finds himself having to save his island from being discovers by humans, all by himself.

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