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About NeXtFrames

We are a brand-new company founded in 2021 but our team has long-standing success in the animation world.

We are two entities:

  • NeXtFrames Media is a production company approved under the Belgian Tax Shelter system. 

  • NeXtFrames Animation is a 2D and 3D animation studio and works as animation service provider for tv series and feature films.

We have a long history in animation. Our team have produced many international animation  series and films and also co-owns Digital Graphics Animation and Studio in Liège.


We are a new but mighty team with lots of experiences.

We are expanding fast, so please get in touch if you are interested to join the band!


Peter Voelkle

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Peter Voelkle is the founder and principal of NeXtFrames and President of the Atmosphere Group of companies. He is also the co-founder of Digital Graphics Animation and Studio in Liège and co-administrator of Digital Graphics Animation.


Peter is a successful content producer and media entrepreneur. He has produced hundreds of episodes of popular tv series and various feature films, mostly in animation, among them many award-winning productions and international top successes.


Peter was elected a worldwide leader in children's and family programming by  KidScreen and has been a panelist on many international media conferences.


Naté Semega
Production coordinator

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After a carrer in advertising, Nate went back to her first love : cinema and animation.

She is in charge of the coordination of the productions at NeXtframes.

As a creative herself, she loves to write stories about the world and the people she meet. Maybe you will be in her next story ? 

Education :

Bachelor in journalism

Master in criminology

Master in advertising 


Screenwriting & production

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